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At Orston we believe that all children are potential linguists, and we aim to develop their linguistic ability and love of language learning with a rich and varied French curriculum. Learning a foreign language is an essential skill in modern life which enables pupils to become more informed, articulate and empowered, by awakening their curiosity, increasing their confidence and tapping into perhaps unknown creative abilities.

Through their French learning, our pupils are encouraged to develop an awareness of cultural differences and similarities, along with an appreciation of the global nature of language, which in turn will help to deepen their understanding of the world and their sense of belonging.

Whilst the focus of our language learning is French, the skills our pupils will acquire through our stimulating cross-curricular approach, will prepare them for their secondary school language journey.  Our pupils will discover the Francophone world, and develop an appreciation for all language learning, as we strive to create the next generation of linguists who are inspired to travel and perhaps work abroad, whilst seeing the world from a more inclusive perspective.

Subject Leader = Mme Louise Read

French ambassador = Charlie