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Only through an understanding of the past can we help change the future and at Orston Primary School we aim to create accurate, inquisitive and critical historians. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that pupils have access to range of high quality history lessons whereby they study a range of sources in order to weigh evidence and generate arguments developing a secure chronological understanding. Above all, we want pupils to passionate about history and our teachers have carefully designed a range of units based on the National Curriculum as well as lots of ‘wow experiences’ in order to foster this.  History is so much more than just dates and facts, one of our overriding goals is to help children make meaningful links between the different periods and topics they study as well as delve deeper and investigate the question ‘why?’ Through practical learning and enquiry, we build and develop not only historical skills but strengthen Maths and English in the aim of creating the archaeologists, archivists and historians of the future!

Subject Leader = Mr Owen Marriott

History Ambassador = Elizabeth