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Our School Day

Pupils, Parents and family members are welcome to come onto the front playground at the beginning of the day from 8.45am. There will be a member of staff on duty from this time and so you able to leave your child in our care or wait and wave them into school once the bell goes at 8.55am


All class teachers come out onto the front playground just before the bell goes. Once it has rung, pupils line up and they are walked around to their classrooms by their teachers. This is a good time to catch teachers personally to pass on quick messages etc.


There is a secure white post box just inside the first front door for all correspondence, money, reply slips etc. destined for the school office. This is emptied daily just after the beginning of the day. Mrs Andrews or a member of the office team is in the office from 8.30am each morning if you need to talk on the phone or come into school to discuss something in particular.


Foundation pupils and parents / family members are welcome to wait in the M.O.L.E. until the canopy is opened up. This usually happens at 8.45am and there is a "soft start" to the day. You are welcome to come into the classroom, help your child settle and talk and play with them as well as the team for the first 5 to 10 minutes. If you have to drop and go, that is absolutely fine too.


8.55am    Bell rings to start the day

9.25am    Assembly each day

10.45am - 11am   Morning Break

12noon - 1pm   Lunch

2pm-2.10pm   Afternoon Break

3.25pm End of the school day


Pupils are walked back around to the front of the playground by their teachers and pupils stand in a line ready to be dismissed. Parents and family members are welcome to come onto the front playground from 3.15pm.


Teachers will look for the designated person who is picking up and will then tell the child they can then walk over.


If you would like your child to walk home alone, please send an email to the office and this will be logged and passed on to the class teacher. Pupils in Year 5 and 6 are dismissed in the classroom, walk around to the front playground on their own but know to wait in the front playground until they are collected. Members of staff will  make sure all pupils have been picked up before returning into the school building. If you are going to be late getting to school due to traffic issues etc. please contact the school office and we will keep your child safe in school until you arrive.


We have members of staff on duty at the end of the day and they monitor the safe return of all pupils. 


Some pupils use the school bus and are supervised by staff at the beginning and end of the school day once it arrives outside the school gates.