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Special Achievements to celebrate

Learning in Year 3 linked to plastic waste and "One paper bag" text inspired Florence to write to the Prime Minister! Wow! Here's the official letter she received in response. Well done Florence for trying to make a difference!

Miles in Year 3. Over Easter, Miles was selected to play for Nottingham Forests U8 team for a 3 day tournament in Holland where he competed in 17 matches and was made Captain for the duration of the event. During the 5 days, Miles was restricted to a special diet, woken at 05.30 for a 06.00 breakfast then travelling for up to 2 hours to each event lasting up until 17.00 They played against a variety of European teams such as Holland, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Germany as well as an American team. Overall they won all 3 tournaments with them playing Barcelona’s Under 8 team in one of the finals and winning! Miles scored several goals and 2 hatricks and it was Nottingham Forest's first time they had won any of the cups for a previous U8 team. We celebrated Miles' achievement in assembly, see more below.


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Joshua in Year 4 and Imogen in Year 2 both joined the Northern Musical Theatre Orchestra on Sunday 28th April for their 'Side by Side' day. We are so proud of them!