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Writing including Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Writing, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Leader = Mr Owen Marriott

Year Six Subject Ambassadors = 

We develop writing through pupils talking and sharing their own experiences and understanding of language, texts
and characters. Teachers model and explore great examples including how to entertain whoever reads it as well as the importance of including grammatical devices and punctuation, correct spellings and ambitious vocabulary along the way.


We also use visual literacy, our children write and add description to their writing as camera angles, just like a film director will use an angle to make their audience feel a certain way. For example, pupils may include an extreme close up shot and
describe the features on a characters face to portray the character's feelings and add meaning as an author themselves.


Phonics we follow the Jolly Phonics scheme in Foundation and Y1 and move onto spellings using Read Write Inc from Y2 through to Y6.