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Writing including Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Words are a lens to the soul as well as the truth and at Orston Primary School we are passionate about giving every pupil the opportunity to find their voice through developing confident, creative and entertaining writers. We believe that by providing quality first teaching through exposure to a range of carefully selected key texts, different media including film and dynamic exciting original tasks our children will be able to independently write assuredly for a range of different purposes and audiences both to entertain and inform. As a school, we understand the importance of the cornerstone foundations of a sound understanding of spelling and grammar so that all children understand how to communicate effectively in whichever profession they choose. In addition, we believe that writers are not merely born but sculpted and we place high value in the skills of editing and up-levelling enabling pupils to manipulate rules in order to create the impact and effect on a reader that they desire. In sum, through our engaging writing curriculum, Orston hopes to inspire not only the creative writers of the novels that will enthral you in years to come but also the journalists and academic authors who will inform you and bring about change for a better world.

Writing, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Leader = Mr Owen Marriott

Year Six Subject Ambassadors = Grace and Manny