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The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you'll go. – Dr Seuss


Reading leaders: Mrs Clare Hebbs


First and foremost we want to instil a love of books, stories and reading in all our children. Our fundamental goal is to encourage reading for enjoyment. We want every child to experience and value the rich and entertaining world that can unfold and immerse them through the pages of a book.


Our reading books follow a national coloured banding system with a variety of schemes. Pupils are able to practise key de-coding and reading for meaning skills at the right level for their ability as well as at a slightly more challenging instructional level in the classroom. We teach the children to develop an awareness of what the author of a story is telling the reader and devices they are using to deduce, or infer meaning, children also retrieve information from texts. We also look at their own writing and how to use these same devices themselves for example to add intrigue.


Through reviewing our curriculum in 2018, we developed our resources and approach by using key quality texts in our English lessons through the use of Power of Reading, by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE). This has enabled our teaching and learning to focus on the best, high quality texts to inspire, challenge and support our pupils' own development as readers and writers.