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Year 6


Welcome to Year 6:

Please have a look at our fantastic learning journey this year! 

African Drumming

The children amazed me with their African drumming skills. See below for a video of their performance!


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Our leaving day was like a well-oiled machine, as the children were so great packing and stripping beds.  After a final breakfast, we headed to the port and boarded the ferry. The crossing was a little rough due to the weather, but with sick bags at the ready, water, ginger biscuits and deep breathing, we averted any disasters.  After a soggy walk to Spinnaker tower we were rewarded with a fabulous view and the brave among us walked, jumped and danced on the glass floor! It was strong enough to hold the weight of 2 rhinos so we felt secure! The children made me so proud by offering to help the staff wipe the condensation from the windows!  We headed to a final meal together, where once again the children were praised by the staff for their behaviour.  Proud teacher moment again.  Onwards journey back home with tired eyes, full hearts and memories that will forever be cherished.  
What a wonderful last day we have had! Just perfect! One of those days where I could’ve easily cried happy tears at regular intervals. We visited Osborne House for the day and had the most perfect weather for it.  The children were so interested in the house and loved experiencing a slice of history. The afternoon was spent at Queen Victoria’s beach which was truly beautiful.  We paddled, made sandcastles and ate ice cream. Some children got a little more wet than others paddling! We ended spending our final money in the shop - some parents might be lucky to get presents! Tonight is the disco ( yay!) and the fashion shows have already started.  The children are all looking forward to seeing their families, but will all be sad to end a perfect holiday!
Hump Day at the Isle of Wight! Today has been a day of activities at the PGL centre.  We split into 2 groups and did sensory trail, abseiling, vertical challenge and orienteering.  Sensory Trail was the funniest thing to watch! I would have paid good money for it! The children were blindfolded and had to communicate to follow an obstacle course.  I was given the job of pouring water on unsuspecting children-it was time to get my own back on anyone who kept me awake! Abseiling and the vertical challenge provided great opportunities for children to get out of their comfort zones and so there were plenty of tears of pride from the staff.  Orienteering was great as they could run and run and so hopefully are now tired! They are all currently doing an evening activity called Ambush which seems to be serious hide and seek! Today has also been Beth’s birthday and she has benefited from the queue jumping pass! We also visited the shop today which is always a highlight! Osborne House tomorrow for the day and then the disco!!


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We are all having a great time in the Isle of Wight. The journey was very smooth with no sickness! Everyone is really settled in their cabins and they are all loving the food! Today we did Survivor where we whittled tent pegs, made fire and made a shelter.  We then had a go at climbing where we all (including Mrs Hebbs) got out of our comfort zones.  We went to the zoo this afternoon (after chips on the coach!) where we saw tigers and lions who have been rescued from a circus.  It was an incredible experience; we were all very moved and hope to adopt one! The children are now (hopefully) tiring themselves out, running around solving clues.  Abseiling, vertical challenge, sensory trail and orienteering tomorrow after a good night’s sleep! Fingers crossed!

Well done, Year 6, for the fabulous auditions! Here’s to great rehearsals!


The Lion King has been announced as our end of year performance! Scroll down to practise the song we will be singing as part of the audition process.

The Lion King has been announced as our end of year performance!  Scroll down to practise the song we will be singing as part of the audition process. 1

Karaoke Can You Feel The Love Tonight - The Lion King *

Download MP3: Sing Online: * This version contains a low volume vocal guide to help you learn the song. The karaoke version without the vocal guide is available on This recording is a cover of Can You Feel The Love Tonight as made famous by The Lion King - This version is not the original version, and is not performed by The Lion King.


Yay!  SATs are finished!  Year 6 have made the whole school proud with their attitude throughout the SATs period.  They have shown such resilience and it was wonderful to see them in action.  Looking forward to our next adventures - Isle of Wight, Leavers' Disco and The Performance!

Some of the children have been enjoying doing Just Dance during Enrichment time.  Below is a quick video of them and their moves!

Just Dance

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Children had a great time during French Day.  They were amazing at serving and made such an effort speaking French. They all looked brilliant dressed in red, white and blue. Some of us enjoyed trialling what we looked like with moustaches!

Y6 Visit to British Geological Survey. Such an interactive and interesting afternoon. It was an absolute pleasure to accompany them and their knowledge following their geography unit on volcanoes and earthquakes was phenomenal. All were very impressed and the pupils learnt even more today. Well done everyone, Mrs Jennings

First Aid and CPD lesson today, here's Alfie explaining how to put someone in the recovery position. Great Job Alfie!! Well done to Jack too!!!!

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Gus Millman, checking what Y6 have learnt so far in their first aid lessons today. Thanks so much to Gus for spending the day with Y6,5 and 4. Such an important skill to learn.

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