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Vision and Values

At Orston Primary School, we always aim to provide an environment for all children that is creative, inspiring, challenging and memorable; providing all children with opportunities where doors are opened to dream for the future. We want our curriculum to inspire our pupils to develop talents and passions and become respectful and responsible citizens of the world, equipped to contribute and thrive in society. Also encompassed within our vision, is the need for pupils to be exposed to a range of experiences that broadens their understanding and equips them with the skills needed to be successful, confident, life-long learners who reach their full potential.


Our whole school community have developed our five key values and they underpin everything that we do.


We provide a positive, stimulating and caring learning environment where every individual is valued and respected as part of our school community. We offer pupils a dedicated team of staff who are committed to developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding which will enable children to enjoy learning, achieve success and to feel content and fulfilled. We ensure that our children learn about, and have confidence in, themselves as learners so that every child makes good progress.


As an inclusive, caring school where every child matters, we recognise that all children have talents and abilities to celebrate, and a part of our role is to help them discover and develop these. We encourage a strong community spirit, where we show consideration and respect for each other; understand differences, and uphold kind, well-mannered behaviour. 


At Orston, we believe that every child deserves to be successful. We challenge and develop our children to become curious, autonomous learners who are inspired and stimulated through a rich and varied curriculum; appropriate to individual needs. We develop children’s learning skills and by setting high expectations and exacting standards, we prepare our children to flourish, have high self-esteem and self-belief.


We value the partnership that exists between parents, children, staff, governors and the community and strongly believe that by working together we ensure the children at our school experience the best possible start in life.

We had a school art competition and asked the children to design an image for each of our are some of the entries which are now with a graphic designer in the hope that we can make them into digital images to display around school!