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Relationships and Health Education

Relationships & Health Education


Subject Leader: Mrs Emily Forbes



Relationships & Health Education: Sex Education


Each year group will also have specific lessons linked to an appropriate level of SRE lessons. Our younger children learn about labelling male and female bodies and the human life cycle. Lower KS2: everybody needs caring for and families. In Year 5, our pupils focus on puberty and the changes linked to this, Year 6 pupils have sex education lessons with their teacher. At each stage, each class teacher will contact parents well ahead of planned lessons, we share all of the materials we will use in lessons and give the opportunity for parents to meet to discuss these lessons and ask yearly for parental  permission to teach SRE lessons.


We use resources and planning  from the PSHE Association Quality Assured Resource: Teaching SRE with Confidence in Primary Schools.

Here is an overview of the scheme of work:


Online Resources


Statutory Guidance for Relationships and Health Education


In addition to our SRE Scheme of Work, teachers talk to children about age appropriate safeguarding information like the NSPCC PANTS Underwear rule.


The NSPCC visit school for biennial assemblies with Y5 and Y6 pupils to cover the issues of keeping safe, linked to their Speak out Stay Safe campaign.


Here are some links to other useful resources and information for parents: